Lots of kids read comics

There used to be a time when only adults were reading comics. In the early 90s, there were few comic book magazines which was sold exclusively to adults in the USA. Over time however, as the comic book industry grew and readership became more diverse, it didn’t seem like reading comics was such a novel […]

Thousands of comics on our online platform

The comics on our platform are mostly sponsored by different companies, which want to attract potential readers. These sponsors want to share their culture and lifestyle with the readers. They want to tell a story about their company, brand or product. We collect thousands of comics for our platform and are constantly adding more new […]

The best comics to read online only with us

In today’s digital world, one of the most expensive things is your time. We can use technology to free up our time and help us to do more business focused tasks. And by “more business” I don’t mean just marketing and advertising, I mean more complex tasks. The same goes for our readers. In order […]

Read interesting comics on our online platform

I would like to present a great reading experience with our online content platform. In this section we will introduce the reader to some of the comics available on our platform and how they can be read. This section is dedicated to comics. It includes a few comics that are read by many people on […]