All eyes on them

What's going on?

Eyes collection

What happened, on April Fool's Day? Why so many webcomic artists drew a pair of real looking eyes on their daily webcomic? Well, it seems that it all started a year ago, when Sam Pratt aka Rustled Jimmies, a very influent webcomic artist in the community, posted the comic 'Bad Timing' on Reddit (which is also the platform with which he got started) featuring one of his weird potatoes performing stand-up comedy. In case you've been wondering, the name is not casual because

to rustle one's jimmies means to make someone discontent or to bother someone
and, with such original premises, it's more than fair to look for something deeper than a simple joke in his comics.

rustled jimmies

To directly quote the artist who just left the conversation after having answered to a not exactly positive comment:

There's no punchline. If you want comics with a punchline you can check out more these places
it was almost impossible to imagine what he had in mind at that time.

A proper April Fool.

Fast forward to a year later, it's 2019 April Fool's Day and, as you're probably starting to imagine, we are talking about one of the biggest April fools in the recent webcomic history, started whenRustled Jimmies came back with thisPart 2 which appears to be complementary to Bad timing.

rustled jimmies 2

Consequences are not hard to imagine, especially in a community as fresh and active on social media as the webcomics one; for the whole day, a huge number of webcomic artists, drawn real-looking eyes on their daily comic playing with the sound of the English word eye which is exactly the same as the sound of first singular person I posting their work using the hashtag #eyeamthefool.

An old running gag

Back in the first of April 2016, artists already made a collaboration around the old school joke of the water bucket falling from the door top and, this whole thing, became viral too.

Eyes collection