Just a general introduction

Comics in pen and paper have been around for so many years that it's probably difficult to find the first comic ever published, just think about the first cave painting founded in Lascaux in France, can they be considered comic? At the end of the day they are some drawings arranged in a chronological order telling a story, so why not?

Having acknowledged that comics have been around for a considerable amount of time, their digital version hasn’t, just because computers haven’t been invented so much time ago. That’s why the recognition for the first ever webcomic published has been only claimed in 1991 by Hans Bjordahl with his gag strip “Where the Buffalo Roam”. But, what are and in which categories are webcomics divided in 2019?

Three types

Nowadays, webcomics are divided among three big families: webtoons, comic blogs and all the rest who goes by the general name webcomics.

On one hand, there are webtoons, which basically are the digital version of Mangas; they first developed in South Korea and got widely known thanks to their transposition on smartphone apps and the website Webtoon which is dedicated to their diffusion. The layout can be seen as a sort of “column of images” with a white spacing between each of them, meaning that they have to be created using a specific format.

On the other hand, you find webcomics, which are all the comics that Mandrillcomics wants to reunite in the same community. You can find a detailed description of how they are made in the “documentation” section of the website or just by following the same link in the credits; basically, they are made of a few cases, usually three or four, that tell a funny joke trough facial expression, the text or both. Sometimes though, they are made of a column, which you can read by scrolling down on your screen and even if in most cases the content is funny, it’s not always the rule; in fact, it’s not so hard to find such a structure in an adventure genre.

random crab

Under other conditions, there are comic blogs, which are somehow similar to the general version of webcomics, except from one single but extremely important point that makes all the difference: their purpose is to tell the upcoming moments of the artist’s daily life, usually with a tone of irony and self-criticism. Given that it’s a blog, the comic is just a part of it so, regardless if it represents the main part or not it’s not the only one, which means that, sometimes, you can find an explanation for the webcomic, telling the reader the occasion and the details that gave the idea for that comic. To get an example of it check “thehangryhermit” on Mandrillcomics.

The hangry hermit

Our purpose

So, these are the three webcomic categories you can find on the web and here, at Mandrillcomics, we are doing all we can to reunite webcomics and comic blogs together under the same roof, with the main purpose of building a strong and enthusiastic community made of people that always know where to find their favourite artists and letting them know why they appreciate so much their work!