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Mandrillcomics is a web reader and a community about webcomics.

You can read and disoverd new webcomics here and create your own with your friends.

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Create your own webcomics in two clicks, After that it's a game to add new page.

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Mandrillcomics has for idea creation in group.
You can easily invite other people to your project or find projects that speak to you, whatever you like to do : draw, write, paint

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You don't have to search back for the last page you did read, connect to mandrillcommics and get back to the last page of each webcomic.
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Mandrill's liana
In the jungle, monkeys hang themeself to lianas

You already have a website but you wish to be on mandrillcomics too.
No problem, with Liana, your publication will be automaticaly copied from your website to mandrillcomics.


The tribe place

A big forum for talking about webcomics, comics and search some projects/artists.


The monkey council
Take a sit, young JungleRunner

A little forum for each project so you can easily speak with other creators of the webcomic.


Talking Drum

Instant message to be able to get quickly to another.


Live drawing
The big wall

A white page where you can draw with other members of your webcomic


The shop
The shelter of wonders

Add your books and goodies to the shop.
Get some income with each item solded.

mobile apps

Reader application
For the jungle of everyday

An app for android and iphone,
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