Create Comics and Publish Pages

There is more than one way to creation
  1. Register to the website

  2. Click on "Create your webcomic" on the upper-centre part of the home page

    create your webcomic

    Fill in the form that will appear with your new webcomic album details and when you are ready, press “Validate”.

  3. create your webcomic

    Another form will appear. Select the title of the page you are going to upload, the image you want to upload and drag the square on the part which will be the icon that people will see when they access the website and which represent your webcomic. You can also add a description of the image if you want. Then, when you have finished, click on “Submit”.

    If you want to put more than one image per page you can skip this part
  4. create your webcomic

    You will be redirected on the “Creator section” from where you can, for example, check how many viewers you have, connect your webcomics to your favorites social networks, see how much money have you gain thanks to your webcomic and, add a new page. To do it, click on “dashboard” then on “Add a new page”. You are then able to keep using the simple form and so keeping one image per page or you can instead click on “Switch to advanced form”.

  5. create your webcomic

    On the advanced form, you can upload how many pictures you want and then select the layout that you most like, in which insert those pictures. You can also edit each layout itself by choosing how wide has to be the border size, the border colour and the space between each box. The order in which you upload each image is IMPORTANT. The images will be ordered on the layout starting from the first you have uploaded and they will appear following the European reading order, from left to right and from top to bottom.