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palmier bananier


Mandrillcomics is totaly free for everyone
We want to provide the best user experience possible
We need your help for mandrillcomics to continue providing quality Service it's how :


You can directly give money to your favorites artists or individually. If you like to donation to only one comics : Just click on the button on the bottom of any page : "Help the artist" Here you will be able to make a donation of your choice


We know as much as you that advertisement are boring
but unfortinatly it's the only way to provide revenue the artists and mandrillcomics
So we did created a new way to use advertisment
You choose when you want to see any
Just click on the button "help the artist" at the bottom of any page
It will allow you to click "Watch an advertisment"
You will be showed a short video


We want to be as crystal clear with you and the artists on where is going the money
For that we will provide you a page where you can see how much exactly you helped to pay for and how much will be reversed to how
We give 90% of what we get to the creator, but we need to pay Tier-application, bank, and other tax before that. Here you can see where are going a 10$ donation :