Donation & Other Helps

Mandrillcomics content is totaly free, but we need you to help the artists


You can directly give money to your favorites artists or individually.
If you like to donation to only one comics :
Just click on the button on the bottom of any page :
"Help the artist" Here you will be able to make a donation of your choice


We don’t like them either.
Which means that we have given the choice to the readers, who are free to watch them and therefore help the artist whose comic they are reading. Every day, each artist will be able to check the number of ads watched to help him/her and the amount of money gained because, for each advertisement, we give a percentage to the artist. Ads can be watched only with the ads blocker deactivated.


We have always believed that the internet was made to be a user-to-user system. We do not want any third party agency to take advantage of artists work and users money with delivery costs; That’s why we can provide some solutions that might really suit both the artist and the reader.


We want to be as crystal clear with you and the artists on where is going the money
For that we will provide you a detail page where you can see how much exactly you helped to pay for and how much will be reversed to who.