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palmier bananier

Welcome on the documentation

Here you can find any help you need, just see the left menu

What is mandricllcomics

Mandrillcomics is a fresh platform where people can read, share and create webcomics

What is a webcomics

What you see above is a webcomic, is a short story (between 1 and 6 cases). Printed version are more commonly called "comic strip". Most of the time each page is a different story, but not necesserly. The cases disposition is made by the artist. On mandrillcomics if the artist agree, we provide the verticaly on phones and horizntaly on computer.

I've already have instagram / other social platform, why go on mandrillcomics

Because mandrillcomics is thinked to use the best way the possible webcomics we provide a lot of tools for readers and the artists to get a better overal experience. We also want you to know we're creator friendly, we're not here getting money for ourself or any other big company (as some other do).

That idea is great but why just webcomics

We would like to provide this service on many other media : video / graphic art / But before that we will need to be sure that we have a powerful enough platform and make sure that we can live from that. If you want to help mandrillcomics directly you can via donation. feel free to contact us for anything else at