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What is mandrillcomics?

Mandrillcomics is a brand new platform where people can read, share and create webcomics

What is a webcomics

wikiHow to make a webcomics

The image above is a clear example of it. A webcomic is a comic published on a website or a mobile app; it is an image, usually divided in a few cases, that tells the reader a short story. There are many authors that, nowadays, publish their work only via electronic platforms, and there are others who prefer to stick to the old-fashioned “printed version” or have both. On webcomics, most of the time each page contains a different story, but that’s not the rule; the cases’ disposition is decided by the artist himself, who can arrange it however he pleases.

I am already reading webcomics on social networks/artists websites, why should I switch to Mandrillcomics?

Because Mandrillcomics is thought to be the easiest possible way to read and create webcomics; in fact, we provide both artists and readers with many useful tools to have the better overall experience possible. We also want you to know that we are creators friendly, so we don’t have any deep pockets company behind us nor we take a lot of money from artists’ income; just enough to keep this community going.

That’s a great idea but why webcomics only?

We would like to extend this service to many other media such as video or graphic art. But before that, we need to be able to get by only with the website and the app. If you want to help us and this community, you can do it via donation; feel also free to contact us at contact@mandrillcomics.com