Why should I register if I am not a creator?

Registering on the website gives you a lot of advantages when you are going to read webcomics.


You will be able to save your favorite comics and, by doing that, you have faster access to them every time you enter Mandrillcomics because they will appear on the “My subscription” section in the Homepage.


A very nice and comfortable advantage of subscribing with Mandrillcomics is the automatic creation of bookmarks on the webcomics you are reading, so that everytime you take a break you can the restart reading from where you left off, pretty cool right?

Mature content

If you feel like reading some mature content webcomics you previously have to confirm you are over 18 years old and to do that, you must be subscribed on the website.


Did you just read a webcomic that you really like and you want to show your direct apprecia-tion to the creator? Which better way to do it than writing a comment on that page! But hey, authors, as well as readers, like to know who appreciate their work and why, so you first have to tell Mandrillcomics who you are by subscribing.

Support the artist

Do you like someone’s webcomics so much that you want to show him/her your appreciation for his/her work? To give artists some economical support you must be subscribed because by subscribing you are so supporting both us and the artist.