These are the ways you can earn an income with your webcomics.

Mandrillcomics provide a new and fair way for artist to get remuneration.
We think that people can make a difference and can provide direct help to the content's creators.
But for that the key is you need to communicate about the services we provide, so people know how they can help you.


Subscribe freely to our donation method, so that people can directly support you through their donations on the Mandrillcomics. Readers can decide to give your support only to cer-tain artists or to all of them at the same time.

If you are already using another donation system, you can add it trough “Parameters” in the creator’s section.


We don’t like them either.
Which means that we have given the choice to the readers, who are free to watch them and therefore help the artist whose comic they are reading. Every day, each artist will be able to check the number of ads watched to help him/her and the amount of money gained because, for each advertisement, we give a percentage to the artist. Ads can be watched only with the ad blocker deactivated.


We have always believed that the internet was made to be a user-to-user system. We do not want any third party agency to take advantage of artists work and users money with delivery costs; That’s why we can provide some solutions that might really suit both the artist and the reader. More info here


Do you want to publish your own book? Mandrillcomics can do it for you. With us, you can both publish your book and sell it afterwards through our platform. Feel free to contact us for any details.