J. Burrello

About me :

J. Burrello is a wandering vagabond king and the creator of the webcomic Blinky and Sal. He is a nomadic American cartoonist who enjoys performing stand-up comedy and eating sandwiches. He has been a pizza slicer, a bookseller, a TV extra, a mail-house packer, an independent filmmaker, an actor, a movie critic, a substitute teacher, a special ed aide, a forensics coach, an adjunct speech professor, an ESL teacher, an improv performer, an online tutor, a comedian, a show-runner, a podcast host, a ghostwriter, a storyboard artist, a playwright, and an illustrator. He has lived in New York, Kansas, Los Angeles, South Korea, Spain, and Quebec and travels extensively in search of adventure.

Previous print publications include:
- Woolly the Big Cow
- Straight from the Pit of Hell: a Blinky and Sal collection