Joe Flanders

About me :

Joe Flanders is a rare species of mammal, most often seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The creature usually spends its time indoors, shying from the sunlight so much that there is much debate over whether or not the species is actually nocturnal. The daily routine of the Joe Flanders usually amounts to traveling several miles to sit stationary at a cube-shaped hovel for eight hours before traversing back to its den where it has been recorded drawing, penciling, inking, reading comics, playing video games, or socializing with his mate, few outsiders, and certain members of the canine breed. The most common sightings paint the creature at five and a half feet, around twenty-three years of age or so, with blue eyes, patches of brown hair on its head (accounts of a mane around the facial area have been reported), and sporting a rather rotund feature. If seen in your area of living, you may approach the Joe Flanders as it is amiable and friendly, but do not, and this is direly important, do NOT feed the Joe Flanders because this may create a dependency.